Chicken is a very good source of the cancer-protective B vitamin, niacin.

“Handle fresh chicken the healthy way” says A’Saffa Foods

Posted on Oct 23, 2017

In line with A’Saffa Foods, ‘Healthy Eating, Healthy Living’ initiative that has gone live across its social media channels, A’Saffa Foods aims to help patrons maintain healthy cooking and eating practices at every stage of the A’Saffa products experience. A’Saffa Foods reinforces its position as the Sultanate’s largest fully integrated poultry and allied food producer and continues to do everything it can to ensure that its products reach consumers in the healthiest, freshest and tastiest manner.

Mr. Sidhartha Lenka Head of Marketing and Sales, at A’Saffa Foods said, “Due to its high protein and vitamins, chicken has become a vital household food item not just in Oman but across the world. Thus making its handling in the kitchen a skill that requires due level of care and attention.”

Some of the tips under A’Saffa brand’s ‘handle fresh chicken the healthy way’ theme surrounding its ‘healthy eating, healthy living’ initiative that has gone live on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages include - avoiding cross-contamination by never using anything that has come in contact with raw chicken on cooked foods without washing them thoroughly first (hands, chopping boards, knives, kitchen cloths, utensils and cutlery); not using leftover marinades on raw chicken as it cooks; and using an antibacterial sanitizer on any work surface or refrigerator space that has come into contact with raw chicken.

Mr. Lenka elaborated, “All of us want to protect the health of our family and friends, and A’Saffa Foods’ simple advice on social media shows how one can handle fresh or raw chicken to ensure that it is prepared safely. Through our posts across our social media networks we hope to help home-cooks in Oman as well as the GCC cook healthier for their families and friends, as we believe that healthy eating goes a long way to ensure healthy living.”

A’Saffa’s ‘Healthy Eating, Healthy Living’ campaign has been conceptualized keeping in mind A’Saffa Foods corporate philosophy ‘core values of healthy food, health and happiness’; and the aim was to extend the same and successfully leverage it on social media by intertwining it within popular culture.

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