Chicken is a rich source of niacin, a B-vitamin that protects the body against cancer.

Enjoy the delectable Khayrat Frozen Fruit range from the house ofA'Saffa Foods

Posted on Nov 20, 2016

A’Saffa Foods, Oman’s leading fully integrated poultry and allied foods producer, has a range of tasty and refreshing frozen fruit products under its Khayrat brand. The products are sourced from India’s agriculturally-rich farms - where they are specially grown, picked ripe and quick frozen, to offer the very best for families across the Sultanate.    Offering consumers of all ages a healthy eating option - Khayrat frozen fruits do not contain any artificial flavors, and are rich in Vitamins, making them a great addition to any mealtime or snacking occasion for kids and adults alike. The fruits under the Khayrat range include – Strawberry, Sapota (Chicku) slices, and Pomegranate kernels. Each fruit pack contains the best quality fruit that has been packaged in a manner so as to retain natural taste, sweetness and aroma in the fruit.   As is with all their food products, A’Saffa Foods has undertaken extensive research and brought the frozen fruit range to Oman. With the entire range being well-received, the brand is confident that with the A’Saffa stamp of quality behind them, Khayrat’s range of frozen and delicious fruits will continue to delight consumers.   A’Saffa Foods Head of Marketing and Sales, Sidhartha Lenka said: “Consumers are always looking for delicious, convenient ways to enjoy fruit. And being the Sultanate’s trusted name when it comes to natural, healthy, pure and tasty products - we are extremely happy to serve frozen fruit in the market.”   He elaborated, “Frozen fruits are just as nutritious as fresh fruit. They are full of vitamins and minerals that help the body protect itself against diseases. Fruits also contain fibers that are essential for good intestinal health and keep one in touch with their appetite. That’s not all, with Khayrat Frozen Fruits, families need not wait for a particular season to enjoy a particular fruit and can now eat the fruit they crave at any point in the year.”   The name Khayrat means ‘the finest of crops’ or the ‘best quality ingredients’ and this is what A’Saffa strives to provide for customers in everything they produce. All fruits in the brand’s Khayrat range are cultivated and harvested in the fertile and pristine acres of some of the best fruit orchards in India.    With the Khayrat range, A’Saffa Foods continues in its endeavor of serving family-favorite foods that are both healthy and wholesome. The Khayrat fruit range is undoubtedly one of the healthiest ways for families across the Sultanate and beyond to get their daily dose of nutrition and vitamins.

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