Chicken is a very good source of high quality protein.

A'Saffas brand film reassures Families, A'Saffa chicken, a way to show Love and care

Posted on Jan 26, 2022

A’Saffa Foods the Sultanate’s largest fully integrated poultry and the biggest snack food producer’s brand campaign focusing on ‘A’Saffa Chicken’ being one of the ways to show your love and care for your children, family and friends has recently gone live across mass media. Grounded in children, families, friends and transforming everyday moments into tasty celebrations; the campaign’s brand film has been launched to rave reviews.

Like the advertisements that have gone live, the brand film too is spearheaded by the headline – “There are many ways to show love and care for your children and A’Saffa Chicken is one of them”.

Emphasizing the commitment of “A’Saffa Foods towards the brands ideology of “Healthy eating, Healthy living”, the brand film highlights the values of family and celebratory togetherness; as like A’Saffa Foods only a family member can go the extra mile to ensure that one’s every achievement is celebrated, whilst ensuring that all criterion that ensure a healthy and tasty chicken are met. Criterion such as ensuring that the chicken one is consuming has been raised without cages in a bio-secure environment, natural fed (yellow corn and soya), with no animal waste recycled by-products feed or any feed substitute, no hormones, and is fresh, real halal, healthy and tasty.

The brand’s film begins with a female voice saying, “Celebrating happiness with good health, healthy food and great taste”! The film then goes on to show a little girl standing with a certificate and trophy, jubilantly telling her mother that she scored the highest in the final examination… Following which comes another young voice, telling their mother that he has won the final game, post which one sees a little boy with a trophy in hand.

The film subsequently shows the father of the family coming home from work and announcing his big promotion. The mother says: “And what better way to celebrate success and happiness than your favourite dish with A’Saffa Chicken!” The film comes to a close with the family and their friends sitting in the garden, as the father cooks them a barbecue meal, with a voice that says, “A’Saffa… Turns everyday occasions into a tasty celebration!”

“We are delighted with the response received by the brand film”, averred Sidhartha Lenka, Head of Marketing and Sales, A’Saffa Foods. “The film depicts our corporate philosophy of ‘healthy eating, health and happiness’, and we are confident our patrons as well as prospects will relate to our brand and everything we stand for vis-à-vis the campaign.”

He elaborated, “On the same note - we urge our prospective customers to take into consideration that imported chicken takes more than a month to reach the GCC, and cannot be considered fresh. A completely home-grown Omani brand on the other hand - A’Saffa chicken comes fresh from the farms to reach your nearest shopping outlet daily, hence ensuring that you obtain the freshest and tastiest product possible. A’Saffa chicken are bred and raised in Oman on natural feed. No hormones, no preservatives, no colour or additives are added in it, hence ensuring that they reach you, your family and friends 100% halal and fresh, every day.” To see A’Saffa Foods’ all-new brand film, know more about A’Saffa Foods and stay up-to-date on the brand’s latest happenings, campaigns and contests visit

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