Chicken has the least impact on the environment of all the land based animal protein sources.

A'Saffa NO Promise No Hormones, No preservatives, No artificial flavours, No colours, No plumping, for Healthy Oman

Posted on May 30, 2016

May 29, 2016 - Muscat: A’Saffa Foods, the Sultanate’s largest fully integrated poultry and processed food producer’s, based on the strong foundation and business philosophy of – “core values of healthy food, health and happiness”, through its “healthy living and healthy eating initiatives”, have been making inroads towards this cause of “Healthy Oman”. The frozen and fresh chickens of A’Saffa, are high in protein, healthy and valuable natural vitamins and are a manifestation of the business philosophy and principles.

Independent nutritionists and scientists have established that chicken is a rich source of nutrients and vitamins that are vital for strengthening the immune system of the body.

“For older people the proteins in chicken can help against bone loss while it is also a rich source of niacin, a B-vitamin that helps to naturally protect the body against cancer. Together with Vitamin B6 these play a vital role in helping the efficient metabolic activity of the body and help cardiovascular health,” says A’Saffa Foods Head Sales and Marketing Sidhartha Lenka.

A four ounce serving of chicken supplies 72 per cent of the daily requirement for niacin and 32 per cent of that for Vitamin B6. Meanwhile chicken also contains the trace mineral selenium in good quantities which is an essential component required by many major metabolic pathway systems including thyroid hormone pathways, anti-oxidant defense systems and the immune function of the body.

With all these benefits it means that scientists and doctors from all over the world now advise people to eat chicken as part of a nutritious, healthy and balanced diet.

Lenka adds: “International research shows that chicken is very healthy for individuals and what makes A’Saffa chicken even better is that their chickens are fed naturally using natural yellow corn and soya, the chicken tastes wonderful and is enjoyed by increasing numbers of customers in Oman and beyond.”

“Customers who purchase A’Saffa chicken products – frozen or fresh – can be assured that in our production processes, no hormones, no steroids, no preservatives or colours or flavours are added and never inject the birds with water to artificially increase their weight,” added Lenka.

Lenka further states that, “No preservatives, no chemicals and no artificial favouring are used to enhance the flavour of the chicken. Also we do not use plumping techniques which means that we do not inject water or any other liquid to increase the weight of the chickens. Lastly no steroids and no growth hormones are added to the chickens.”

All of A’Saffa Foods chicken is produced at a state of the art farm facility that is based in Thumrait in the south of Oman with birds produced in conditions that match any world-class chicken farm anywhere in the world. It also ensures the chickens reach the consumers fresh, safe and healthy maintaining all hygienic standards.

Every bird is slaughtered by hand according to real halal techniques that help to ensure that the meat is healthy and free from toxins or any bacterial growth.

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