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A'Saffa for Real halal chicken !

Posted on Jul 07, 2016

June 5, 2016 - Muscat - With a sound reputation based on uncompromised quality, stringent manufacturing standards and conformity to international specifications, A’Saffa Foods SAOG is the largest fully integrated poultry project and the biggest food processing plant, in the Sultanate of Oman, is the market leader in the poultry category. Established in 2001, the brand has achieved leadership status in most of the product categories that it has ventured into and is gaining recognition as an Omani exporter that has a strong presence in regional markets including the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain and Yemen.

A’Saffa Foods, state-of-art farms and plant are located in Thumrait (Oman), and produces high quality fresh and frozen poultry products. It is worth mentioning that A’Saffa poultry are fed with 100% natural fodder, produced in a highly sophisticated factory, and slaughtered manually by knife (real halal) as per Islamic law (Sharia’a). Having best-in-class technology and equipment at their plant, the company is ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and HACCP certified, and has implemented the same in all sections of their farm management procedures, whilst strictly adhering to the highest biosecurity and hygiene standards, thereby ensuring that their chicken are free from disease.

Sidhartha Lenka, Head marketing and sales, A’Saffa Foods stated, “For the slaughtering of our chicken the techniques that we use at our farm ensure that all of our birds are slaughtered by hand using a knife. We also ensure that the birds are processed in a way that is hygienic, and ensure that the highest quality of packaging standards is applied, so that our products reach an end-customer fresh and safe for consumption.”

“Using electricity dries up the blood and fluid content of the bird which means a lot of dried blood and toxins remain in the flesh and veins which is not hygienic. Through ‘real halal’ the slaughtering is done by hand from the top of the neck ensuring each drop of blood and toxin flows out of the bird making it hygienic and healthy for consumption,” he explained. “Also, worldwide during stunning 3 to 4 out of every 100 chicken die before slaughter which means ‘halal’ is not guaranteed. Some companies also use mechanical devices to slaughter poultry which is also contrary to the strict guidelines that should be carried out to ensure that birds are slaughtered in accordance with proper Islamic Sharia’a”, he elaborated.

It is noteworthy that A’Saffa Foods specially employ trained Muslim staff to slaughter chickens by hand at their farm ensuring that the staff member pronounces ‘Bis miallah Allah ho Akhbar’ whilst facing ‘Makkah’ during the slaughtering of each individual bird in accordance with Sharia’a principles.

‘A’Saffa’ chicken does not contain hormones, steroids, artificial flavor, colour, chemical preservatives, synthetic ingredients; and their chickens are not injected with water artificially, to increase their weight. This is part of the brand’s effort to give consumers a natural product - thereby making A’Saffa a trusted name in 100% natural, tasty and healthy food products. That’s not all; A’Saffa also takes biosecurity very seriously, and has installed several steps to make sure that good hygiene practices are in place throughout their plant. This helps prevent the spread of disease not only in their poultry, but also for those that consume their products, and helps to protect public health and the community at large.

Customers buying chicken and allied products in Oman and across the GCC can purchase A’Saffa products with the confidence that the brand’s chicken have been raised and slaughtered by hand using actual halal techniques that are in accordance with Islamic Sharia’a. As markets in the region continue to import products from companies around the world where there is no strong Islamic tradition, A’Saffa Foods is proud to reiterate that their products are really and truly halal.

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