Chicken has lots of vitamins and minerals.

A'Saffa Farm to table Promise of wholesomeness

Posted on Jun 10, 2016

Oman, Muscat: A’Saffa Foods, Sultanates largest fully integrated poultry and food producer, since establishment has worked on the core principle that the quality, taste, hygiene and nutrition of its chicken products is only as good as the way its chickens are naturally fed, bred and cared for in its state of the art poultry facility at Thumrait in the south of the Sultanate.

One of the unique factors for A’Saffa has been its long standing commitment to providing pure natural feed to its chickens – a mix of specially produced yellow corn and soya that delivers the nutrition the chickens need and helps to ensure the final product for the consumer is tasty, fresh and packed full of nutritious protein.

Commenting on the way that company feeds and looks after its chickens, A’Saffa Foods Head of Sales and Marketing, Sidhartha Lenka said: “We are very proud of the way that we feed and ensure the welfare of our chickens. All of our chickens are fed with 100 per cent natural feed that is manufactured in our own feed mill located on our farm premises, using the latest scientific feed management programmes to ensure the best retention of nutritional value.

“At A’Saffa we also ensure that the birds are kept without thirst, hunger or malnutrition, free from discomfort, pain, injury or disease to ensure pure and healthy product, maintaining animal welfare at all times. As with our core principles of following religious, healthy and ethical practices, the company also prohibits use of chicken/animal byproducts and substitutes for feeding the birds as happens in some other poultry companies.”

He explained that A’Saffa also has a highly trained on site medical team at the Thumrait farms complex who monitor the health of the chickens daily to ensure they are kept free from disease, have the right balance of feed and water and ensuring the final product to the consumer is always safe and pure chicken meat.

“Customers who purchase A’Saffa chicken products – frozen or fresh – can be assured that in our production processes, no hormones, no steroids, no preservatives or colours or flavours are added and never inject the birds with water to artificially increase their weight,” added Lenka.

In conclusion, Lenka said, “Chicks from A’Saffa Foods, parent farms and hatchery are delivered to A’ Saffa farms and are raised cage free houses in clean and environment controlled sheds. Once the chickens reach the desired weight they are moved from the farms to the processing plant where they are processed, cleaned, chilled and packed. After passing checks for food safety and quality assurance each chicken product is transported to grocery stores and restaurants. Cooked to consumer liking, A’ Saffa chicken is fresh, healthy, juicy, tender, protein rich and tasty delivering wholesome richness.”

The farm facility at Thumrait is also certified to the highest international standards with the farm having achieved both ISO 9001:2008 & ISO 14001:2004 certification.

A’Saffa Foods is fully committed to offering a wide range of innovative products to its consumers and its partners. The company recognizes the importance of the quality commitment of its partners and is committed to deliver products of the highest quality. This commitment is further underlined with the implementation of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) systems. Mr. Lenka explained that this major investment in state of the art technology and systems that match the highest standards anywhere in the world.

Being pioneers in fully integrated poultry production and farm management systems, A’Saffa Foods has built its competence and expertise in food production, processed food technology and innovative food recipes helping us to deliver new, flavorful choices that consumers can enjoy at all times. As a market leader, it is A’Saffa foods constant endeavor to provide consumers with food products that are wholesome and processed hygienically from 100% natural, pure, halal, healthy and premium ingredients.

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