Chicken is favorable food in supporting the energy metabolism of the body.

A’Saffa Chicken Nuggets enable children across Oman to eat Fresh, Pure and Tasty

Posted on Oct 09, 2017

A’Saffa Foods products help turn everyday meals into tasty celebrations, and the brand’s Chicken Nuggets range is no different. Enabling children across Oman to eat healthy and pure, it is notable that A’Saffa Chicken Nuggets are made with halal chicken and do not contain any hormones, steroids or chicken substitutes. The brand’s entire range of products are produced at A’Saffa Foods’ state-of-the-art production plant (fully automated, untouched by hand) in Muscat and are available in supermarkets and retail outlets across the country.

Easy-to-cook, convenient-to-eat and a filling food option, A’Saffa Chicken Nuggets are available in three delicious options – Regular Nuggets, Kids nuggets and kids with cheese Nuggets. The Nuggets have a crispy golden tempura that give it a soft and juicy inner and crunchy outer, that are free from hormones and steroids, and are bite-sized pieces of boneless chicken; that are fried and served best with ketchup, smoke-flavoured barbeque sauce or mustard sauce.

Sidhartha Lenka, Head of Marketing and Sales said, “Increasingly popular with school-going children, the Chicken Nuggets range is in line with our brand’s growth strategy of constantly adding fresh zing to their product portfolio and giving customers in Oman as well as the GCC something new to look forward to constantly. Parents can safely serve their children A’Saffa’s wholesome Chicken Nuggets and enjoy peace of mind, as each and every product that comes from the A’Saffa brand umbrella comes with a promise of purity of natural ingredients and a taste of freshness.”

With constant innovation in product portfolio A’Saffa Foods has shown consistent growth in the country and in the GCC. Their expansion plans focus on the convenience of the customer with the primary aim of serving them food products that are wholesome and processed hygienically from pure, tasty, premium, natural, halal and healthy ingredients. A’Saffa Foods is constantly investing in strengthening its supply chain, product development processes and retail formats to ensure a satisfied customer.

A’Saffa Food’s Snack Food processing plant in Muscat, is the largest fully automated state-of-the-art plant in the Sultanate of Oman, producing processed chicken, meat and beef food products under the brand name of “A’Saffa”, “Khayrat” and “Taybat”. A’Saffa Foods is fully committed to offering a wide range of innovative products to its consumers and its partners. The company recognizes the importance of the quality commitment of its partners and is committed to deliver products of the highest quality.

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