Chicken regulates hormone metabolism.
15 Jul 2019

Enjoy a crispy and delicious meal from “A’Saffa Zingle chicken range”

![](/storage/app/media/cropped-images/asaffa-zingle-range-1-0-299-300-1564318771.jpg) Renowned for providing the sultanate with fresh, tasty, healthy and pure food products since inception - A’Saffa Foods has a tasty and versatile range of chicken products under its A’Saffa Zingle chicken ran...

07 Jul 2019

A'Saffa Foods provides healthy, fresh chicken to its customers

A’Saffa Foods is well-known for having maintained the quality of its products right from inception, and for being an Omani brand that hence enjoys the confidence and trust of consumers for its fresh, tasty and high-quality products. The brand’s poultry provides important nutrients that play a vital...

23 Jun 2019

Frozen vegetables from “Khayrat” is a healthy choice for families

A’Saffa Foods’ “Khayrat” has an exciting range of frozen vegetable products. Handpicked from the best peaking crops in India and then quickly frozen (IQF) to ensure that they maintain their freshness. Khayrat Vegetables are packed, full with nutrition and are the perfect choice for healthy and benef...

16 Jun 2019

Enjoy the best moments with your family with A’Saffa’s pure, fresh and tasty snack Food

A’Saffa Foods has an appetizing range of wholesome ready-to-cook products that have become increasingly popular with food lovers throughout the Sultanate and beyond. Pure, fresh and tasty A’Saffa’s snacks are available at leading supermarkets and hypermarkets across the country; with each product ma...


21 August, 2019

A’Saffa Grill Restaurant invites visitors at Salalah Khareef Festival to taste the most delicious ‘Madbi’
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01 August, 2019

A’Saffa Foods honors 32 of its employees with Long Service Awards
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