Health Services

A’Saffa's expert team of veterinarians and poultry nutrition experts provide various health services at regular intervals. A’Saffa’s health services are driven from a central monitoring unit. The team works to deliver preventive vaccination and medicine schedules as a continuous practice. Preventive health services are delivered through operational heads who assist in effective implementation. A’Saffa’s experts closely work with field staff to identify potential threats and address all health related issues on a regular basis. In addition, the health services team is well equipped to perform quality tests on all incoming vaccines. This ensures that we receive medicines that are safe and of high quality.

Feed & Nutrition

Similar to human development, the dietary requirements of the birds vary throughout the life cycle particularly in the early development stages. The dietary requirements will eventually reflect upon the overall development of the bird. Hence, feed becomes the most important factor in any poultry operation.

A’Saffa invests heavily to address this requirement. With our feed mill and quality assurance laboratory, A’Saffa ensures regular and quality supply of feed. The raw materials & finished products are processed and analyzed using latest technology and practices. Formulations are carefully designed by experts to fulfill various needs - environmental, age and productivity conditions.

The feed division provides additional support offering technical, mechanical and analytical help to feed plant and suppliers of raw materials. This is followed-up with regular visits to farms and manufacturing unit to address practical issues and enhance optimum production.

A’Saffa’s team of highly qualified poultry nutritionists and veterinarians at every step actively contribute to ensure high quality nutrients are dispatched through every batch and bag of feed supplied to the farms. At A’Saffa, quality commitment and consistency are always at the forefront.

Bio-security and Support to ensure a disease-free environment

At A’Saffa, a lot of importance is given to Bio-security and support, which helps maintain a disease free environment. Bio-security measures help you manage hygiene levels and minimize risk of pathogens.

All farms and facilities are governed by Good Management Practice (GMP) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP). A’Saffa’s field supervisors visit the farms on a daily basis to evaluate the farm, feed and bird management practices. During these visits, supervisors get hands-on experience working with the farm to help identify issues and address them effectively. With this, A’Saffa brings its vast experience of poultry integration and scientific management practices to every individual farm.

Since hygiene is directly related to bird health and productivity, there is a great emphasis on hygiene practices to be followed at all facilities and farms throughout the lifecycle. Hygiene practices include disinfecting, daily management, feed production and management, mandatory time gaps for departure and arrival or birds in batches. A’Saffa’s team also constantly monitors the pathogen levels in the water and environment ensuring safety measures are in place. Chicks are given only treated water stored in hygienic and clean conditions. Standards set also include, litter, shed management, location and every conceivable aspect of poultry management.

A’Saffa recommends discouraging visitors to facilities and farms. Essential visitors are encouraged to enter only after undergoing standard cleansing measures such as baths, sprays, change of clothes, mask, cap and gloves. Staff handling birds at a sensitive stage such as hatching also needs to undergo the same measures. Access to parent farms are strictly restricted and monitored, with extra precautions in bio-security.

A’Saffa’s standard practices and procedures are audited by ISO and have a scientific approach combined with sound management. A team of farm supervisors and veterinarians inspect each farm on a regular basis and they are supported by the central R&D and technical management team headed by Managers.


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