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The Sultanate of Oman is a place of unrivalled natural beauty and cultural richness. Even in its modernity, Oman remains distinctly Arabic and offers many unique old-world wonders. As the oldest independent state in the Arab world, Oman has a wealth of archaeological and historical marvels, including ancient walled cities, forts and mosques.
Oman's education infrastructure has grown dramatically in recent years thanks to the country's rapid economic growth. Oman has also become an upcoming tourist destination, with untouched coastline, beautiful rolling deserts and mountain forests.
Omanis are extremely proud of the unprecedented number of World Heritage UNESCO classified sites in their country including the home of the rare GreenSeaTurtle, R'as Al-Hadd and the ancient city of Dhofar with its tombs dating back over 3,000 years.
In terms of climate, temperatures regularly peak at 40 degrees celsius during July and August.
Facts and Figures:

  • Muscat is the capital of Oman.
  • Legend has it that Sinbad the Sailor was from Oman.
  • Arabic is the official language.
  • Weekends in Oman are on Friday and Saturday.
  • Oil, gas, agriculture and fishing are the major economic resources.
  • Oman is the third largest country in the Arabian Peninsular.
  • Bullfighting is a popular sport here - but it differs from the Spanish kind!
  • The Muttrah Souk (market) in Muscat is reputed to be the largest, most interesting and diverse in the Arab Gulf States.
  • Despite its size, Oman has only 2,340,00 inhabitants, seven hundred thousand of whom live in Muscat.


04 November, 2019

A’Saffa Foods – Oman largest Fully integrated Poultry producer - wins “Oman’s Most Trusted Brand Award”
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23 October, 2019

A’Saffa Foods celebrates Omani Women's Day
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